Saturday, May 26, 2012


Virginia Lyon Cain is my Great Great Grandmother.  For 32 years she was a mystery.  I only knew her as Virginia Forehand, the grandmother of my grandfather Vernon Doak Moore Jr.  I did not know her story or how she obtained the Moore Children.  I found I was not alone.  One by one I am finding descendants of Virginia, each with their own theories and stories to tell of their own journeys with researching Virginia.  As more and more research is done, and more of her story learned, the time has come to gather us all and piece together her story.

It is my hope that this site will help us do just that.  In time, I will post our research, findings, and theories here.  I believe Virginia has a unique story to be told.  For so long I saw her as only a name on a piece of paper. Today I see her as an incredible woman with a great courage and strength to make it through her journey on earth.

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